Wednesday, December 26, 2012

HNT...One Year Later

So I had this idea.  To ask people to post half-nekkid pics of themselves online.  Back in 2005, it was just a silly idea that I didn't anticipate lasting more than one or two weeks.  But what would happen if I were to ask again, seven and a half years later?  To be honest, I'm not really sure...

Things have changed quite a bit since last December.  I think that retiring HNT at that time was fortuitous.  I have no doubt that if it had continued, it would have withered away unceremoniously.  It could not have fully functioned for another year.  Yet, when I made the suggestion that we bring it back for a day, the feedback was pretty darned positive.  So we'll see who planned ahead, and who waited until the last minute and did/didn't join in.  This could be a great reunion or a big flop.

Two things have jumped out at me over the past year.  (well, three--I do miss seeing some of you half-nekkid)  First off--where did any of us find the time to do it on a weekly basis???  I have loved having my Wednesdays back (when I did most of my HNT work), but I still find myself with not enough hours in the day to do anything.  It's probably too much time on FB, but I used to juggle those two pretty well, back in the day!

Secondly, and more sobering--the loss of the community.  There are no two ways around it, the community is gone.  Sure, many of us are still in contact with each other, but just as many have disappeared.  Blogs have been neglected.  Blogs have been abandoned.  Blogs have been deleted.  This, in turn, has affected how the rest of us participate on our blogs.  It's discouraging to have so few comments, or comments from the same people time after time.  This is not said in a "comment whore" way--we'd all love to get at least some feedback!  There's a few who continue posting pics on Twitter (the toy of the devil), some who occasionally will post on their blogs, but for the most part, the novelty of posting half-nekkid pics has fallen by the wayside. 

Could HNT have started today?  I don't think so.  It was borne in a fun, innocent time when blogging was just beginning to take off.  I just don't see that it would take off like it did.  It was luck that made it all come together.  It was luck that unending friendships could be made through it.  It was luck that it lasted as long as it did.

Be sure to check the comments to see who's up (and if you're up, let us know!).  And also check OHNT to see who joined in, even though their blogs no longer exist (their names will be included with their pic).  And from me I hope you all have had a great 2012, and will have a greater 2013!!

When I suggested having a one-day return, one person immediately asked if we'd have a Mystery Guest as well.  Honestly, I hadn't even thought about it.  So of course, I was more than happy to take her! 

Since her last turn as MG, she's turned her attention towards horses, excelled as the mother of The Two Evils, and continued to fight the fight for the right.  And all the time, maintained her natural princess-like beauty!

If you haven't figured out who it is, she'll be revealed on Thursday afternoon.  And if you do, you know where to stop by and say hi!

Not much of a mystery here.  The MG is, of course, GucciMama!

Just for this one day, submissions to OHNT were accepted as well.  Be sure to stop by there and check those out!  There's also a couple of HNTs from people who chose not to do it on their own sites because they've been closed or just didn't want to do it on their own site.  Leave some comment love for them!

I'll hopefully get another post or two in before the end of the year.  I've done a 'best of' and 'worst of' post every other year, so I'm sure to get those in.  Maybe even more!!  Be sure to come back and check!

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